Converting VHS to DVD for a birthday

Your little ones are all grown up, or maybe it’s the older ones getting a bit older. No doubt you have hours of video footage of your loved ones that you want to get converted to DVD¬†and show at a birthday party.

The first step is getting all your tapes converted tapes converted. If you have over 10 tapes, we discount your total order by 25%!

Once you have all the video footage in a data format you have two options.

  1. Edit it yourself
  2. Get us to edit the video for your

Edit Yourself

If you’re on a Mac we suggest using iMovie.
If you’re on a Windows computer we suggest Windows Movie Maker.

Both programs allow you to import the convert videos, and then pull only a selection of each tape into the final video. You can easily condense hours of footage down so that you can play something short and entertaining on the night.

Get us to edit

Chances are you haven’t watched the videos in years, and have no idea what is on each one. We get this all the time. The easiest way is to give you all the footage in a format you can watch on your TV. With a pen in hand, and one of our video editing forms, you can jot down all the funny and important bits. We’ll hold onto the digital video footage, and once you send us back the form, we can then create the edited video for you on another DVD.

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