Courier service for your precious VHS tapes

Duplico Media has teamed up with Post Haste to provide a very good courier service. For $6.50 we will send you one of our ‘box packs’ which include three different sized boxes.

You then just pay the courier fee below for the size box you require to get them to us, and then will include the same fee to return them to you with your converted DVDs.

Small Box (Holds approx 9 tapes)

 Within Wellington  $5
 North Island  $10
 South Island  $12

Medium Box (Holds approx 25 tapes)

Within Wellington  $5
 North Island  $12
 South Island  $16

Large Box (Holds approx 40 tapes)

Within Wellington  $5
 North Island  $14
 South Island  $20

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