Convert VHS to DVD

convert-vhs-to-dvdAre your precious memories sitting locked on an old VHS video tape?

We can convert your VHS to DVD today, give us a call on 0800 246 888.

The only way to protect and preserve your precious video tapes is by converting them into a digital format.

All our DVDs come with a customised printed DVD surface, with a screenshot from your video with a title of your choosing. The discs come in a paper sleeve. Full size DVD cases are available below.

VHS to DVD Pricing

 Tape to data DVD conversion (Under 2 hours)  $40 each
 Tape to data DVD conversion (Over 2 hours – split over two DVDs)  $55 each
 DVD Authoring (viewable on standard DVD player)  $10 each
 Extra Copy of DVD  $15 each
 Multiple tapes onto one DVD (on top of the first tape at standard $40)  $15 each
 Fully size DVD case with customised printed slip  $15 each

There’s no denying it – your precious memories are deteriorating fast when they are stored in an analogue format on a VHS video tape.